The Many Faces of

An Alnilam Production


Once upon a time, a young man named Alnilam had a silly idea for a thing involving random screen shots of Mike Oldfield. This is that thing…



Mike himself (???)



    Blurry-handed Mike             Brady-Bunch Mike                  Comic Mike



  Crappy-Quality Mike      Cymbal Guy (TB2 prem.)       Dying-in-a-duel Mike



Surrounded by equip. Mike       Large-eyed Mike       Sitting-in-a-face Mike



     Intrigued Mike                    Punk Biker Mike                Melting Mike



  ‘Considering it’ Mike        N’SYNC Concert Mike            Silent Movie Mike



     Spazzing Mike                 Teenage Mike                       Tiny Mike



“What’s he doing?” Mike           Disgusted Mike           World War I Pilot Mike


I know the page itself isn’t that great, but I just did it because I was bored.

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